Tuesday, May 26, 2009


My name is Guillermo Gomez and I am one of the lucky few who will be studying abroad in Spain this summer . Here I will be blogging for the CIT about my experience in Spain, as I indulge in the rich culture of Spain by living with a Spanish family, taking courses at Estudio Sampere, and exploring the cities of Madrid and Alicante. I will be updating this blog weekly (possibly more often) and will be adding photos, videos, and whatever else I can add.

The CMU in Spain program is a program with Carnegie Mellon University and Estudio Sampere to have CMU students do a study abroad program in Madrid and either Alicante or Salamanca. I will study in Madrid for four weeks and in Alicante for two weeks. I will stay with two host families, one during my time in Madrid and another during my time in Alicante. In Spain I will take classes on the Spanish language and the Spanish culture and have excursions in the cities.

My flight leaves June 20th, I will add another post when I arrive in Madrid. Feel free to post and ask questions about the program.

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